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If you see something you want contact me at: kjwolverton@gmail.com

OCTOBER 2-9 2021


Here is a sampling of some of my work over the last few weeks, months and even years...as you no doubt will see, I work in a multitude of styles and mediums, which have evolved over the 60 years I have been splattering paint and sprinkling wood chips around the world.


Santa Fe Guernica 5 X 7 feet oil on canvass $7,000 OBO



details of Santa Fe Guernica


Budha series  acrylic on wood 7 X 10 inches $80 each plus shipping


Studio grounds




           sold                                                                   sold



Tree series 14 x 18 inches acrylic on wood $125 each plus shipping





Critter series, from  5 X 5 to 5 X 10 to 12 X 12 inches acrylic on wood $80 each plus shipping


          SOLD                                                               SOLD 


Cat series 14 X14 to 12 X 12 acrylic on wood $100 each plus shiping



People and horses series  approx 3 X 4 feet mixed  media on canvass and wood $300 each plus shipping



Abstract series mixed media from 4 X 4 feet to 8 X 11 inches, mixed media $ to the piece


Magic Woman, paint on heavy paper   8 X 11 inches $100.


Two Different Women 3 X 4 feet each, acrylic on canvass $500  each plus hipping


                          $300 4 X 4 feet acrylic on wood                          $1,800 5 X 5 feet acryic on Canvass                       SOLD




Lady Faces acrylic on wood aprx 10 x 10 inches $80 each plus shipping

Mobil Truck 16 X 20 inches acrylic on canvass $350 plus shipping



Car series apprx 5 X 10 inches acrylic on wood $80 plus shipping

Hot Rod Queen  acrylic on wood 12 X 14 inches $125 plus shipping 


                  Santa Clowns Last Supper acrylic on panel 5 X 6 feet, $ $700 plus shipping     Lunatics Last Supper          SOLD



Ancient Stag apple and Russian olive wood assemblage, $2,000 OBO


Napoleons Exit, Hard board and Pine, $,1,500 OBO


Vincent Van Gogh Gets New Ears, Poly Urethane block and acrylic, on Russian Olive pedestal, $800 


Double Crucifixion, apple wood and steel wire, $1,000


Flying Dragon Bug SOLD 

Monster Drift $100


Wall Spirits, mixed media, $150 plus shipping


Black Phoenix $700

Flying shoes $20  each

Art Pile $50

  Cars $50