I have been creating sculpture in wood, cement, ceramic tiles, and you-name-it  found-objects for over 50 years. All  of the following images were either public art commissions or studio work long since sold and gone. As for the public art, each has it's special story of how it came about. Over the next few weeks some of these stories I will tell the best I can...


The Pilton Dragon, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1975 to 1976






Edinburgh, Scotland, Theatre Workshop Atrium Entrance 1976




Craigmillar, Edinburgh, Scotland, The Sleeping Giant, 1976


Kassel, Germany, I983



Glasgow, Scotland, 1990




Glasgow, Scotland, 1990






Ajaccio, Corsica, France, 1984






Mountainair, New Mexico 1988





Farminton, New Mexico. 1989




Cerrillos, New Mexico 1994 to 1998















Cerrillos, New Mexico 2000 to 2020









Yes, more to come...