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Kenneth J. Wolverton was born in Pueblo, Colorado, 1944. He is an international artist who for 50 years has created Public Art. His artworks are in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Guatemala, and America. His work has spanned murals, sculptures, performance arts, theater, movie sets and numerous writing and photo publications. He lived in Europe from 1973 to 1986. He has been a talk jockey on KMRD LPFM 96.9 Madrid, New Mexcio since 2015


  • Excellent teacher/trainer/collaborator when working in a multitask situations
  • Accomplished identifying and solving social or commerce related problems
  • Project orientated, sticking to the task until completed
  • Successful in learning and comprehending new systems and methods


Magna Cum Laude – B.A., journalism /creative writing 2004 – University of Arizona.


Public Art, Design, Computer, Writing

  • Professional muralist and visual artist created public art worldwide
  • Produced and directed 80 X 6  ft. ceramic mural for Las Cruces, NM  public park
  • Designed websites and produced digital publications
  • Worked successfully in a variety of educational and commercial environments
  • Worked extensively with graphic programs and internet research and design  

Teacher, Organizer, Director

  • Taught multimedia workshops with children, youth and adults around the world
  • Organized festivals, conferences and exhibitions
  • Directed children and adult theater, art programs and multimedia events

Fund Raising, Grant Writing, Journalism

  • Raised more than $250,000 in a community arts  programs
  • Grant writing for Leverhulme Trust Fund, Gulbankian Foundation, Scottish Arts Council, Hamburg Messe Und Congress, South Broadway Cultural Center, New Mexico Arts Division and Court Youth Center
  • Documentary and feature articles published in newspapers, magazines


2021...yup...still doing much the same except slower


2019...still here and kicking







2012                Mural Restoration                 Madrid, New Mexico                

2011                Mural Collaborative               Paulina School   Paulina, Oregon

2010                Master class                              Seminar for AmeriCorps Volunteer Teachers/Alma d'Arte Charter School

2009                Masrter class                             Seminar for AmeriCorp Volunteer Teachers/Alma d'Arte Charter School  

2008                 Artist in Residence                   COURT YOUTH CENTER/ALMA D'ARTE CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL

2007                 Scenic Artist                              ABC  TV,  KID NATION

2005-2006       Artist in Residence                   COURT YOUTH CENTER/ALMA D' ARTE CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL             

2000-2004       University Student                     NMSU, UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA

1999-2002       Artist in Residence                    COURT YOUTH CENTER

1990-1998       Artist in Residence                    NEW MEXICO ARTS ORGANIZATIONS

1968-1990       Professional Artist                     SELF EMPLOYED

1967-1968       Artist, Illustrator                           U.S. ARMY


2012  Restored historic Ross Ward Mural in Madrid, New Mexico

2011  Directed community mural in country school situation in ranch country  of eastern Oregon

2010  Directed Master Class with 16 adult AmeriCorps Volunteers in the technique of creating ceramic tile murals

2009  Directed 12 AMERICORPS volunteers for Alma d'Arte Charter High School, to create 3 X 100 foot ceramic mural

Returned to my studio in Cerrillos, New Mexico and created paintings, sculpture for commercial galleries.

2007  Scenic artist for mini series on ABC, working as lead artist for Roger Baer, designed and painted sets.

2005-2006 Nine months creating a ceramic tile mural in the the Historic Mesquite District of Las Cruces, New Mexico



Honor student at University of Arizona

Graduated magna cum laude December 2004 at University of Arizona, with journalism major, creative writing minor.

Reporter and photographer for El Independiente and Cursor (U of A)

Studies with Quark, PhotoShop, Illustrator, PageMaker and Microsoft Word

Sculpture Exhibition at Jezebel Gallery, Santa Fe.

Scholarships  journalism dept. U of A, Douglas  D. Martin, Hubbard/Milburn, Eugene C. Pullman and Scripps Howard.


Designed first website

Designed and created digital publications for Court Youth Center

Honor student at New Mexico State University (Las Cruces)

Mural Commissions

ESL class, Canutillo High School, Canutillo, TX, 4 X 24 ft.

ESL students, Juan Damian Elementary School, Canutillo, Texas. , 4 X 24 ft.

Vanguard Printing Company, 17 X 100 feet.

Domaine Peraldi Vinoble, Corsica, France, 24 X 50 ft.


Designed computer/digital photo publications for Court Youth Center

Returned to university (NMSU)

Studies with PhotoShop, Illustrator, PageMaker and Microsoft Word

Mural Commissions

Dona Ana County Health Center, Las Cruces, NM, bas relief, 20 x 8 X 60 ft.

Hogar de Ninos, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, 8 X 72 ft.

Canutillo Cultural Center, Canutillo, TX , 8X16 ft.

Bill Childers Elementary School, Canutillo, TX, Plywood Mosaic- bas relief, 3 panels, each 8 X 8 ft.

Davenport Elementary School, Canutillo, TX, 8 X 40 ft.


Computer studies in PageMaker, Illustrator and Microsoft 2000 at Dona Ana Community College, (Las Cruces, NM)

Studies with PhotoShop, Illustrator, PageMaker and Microsoft Word

Digital Photography studies and publications

Mural Commissions

Washington Elementary School, Las Cruces, NM, (collaborative, Plywood Mosaic- bas relief, 5 X 32 ft.

Dona Ana Elementary School, Dona Ana, NM, 14  X 40 ft.

Space Allen grill And Bar, Bismarck, ND, 16 X 150 ft.


Computer training in Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker, and Microsoft 2000

Mural, Vanguard Printing Company, Albuquerque, NM acrylic, 14 X 200 ft.

Sculpture and Painting Exhibition at Studio 3115, Cerrillos, NM


Sculpture, Restaurant commission, Madrid, NM

Sculpture, Raynier Estate commission, Seattle, WA

Sculpture and Paintings Exhibition, Doubletake gallery, Santa Fe


Tour of performance art in schools throughout New Mexico


Tour of performance art in 50 schools to East and West coasts


Tour of performance art in 300 schools in 17 states In the Midwest

Australia Tour

Sculpture commissions, Maleny Folk  Festival, Woodford, Australia

Sculpture for Pope’s Beatification of Australian Saint,  Mary MacCullop,

Order of Saint Joseph, Sydney, Australia


Mural commissions

Santa Fe High School  14X110 ft.

Alvord Elementary School, Santa Fe, NM  12X100 ft.


Mural commissions

Emerson Elementary School, Albuquerque, NM 8X140 ft..

Dolores Gonzales Elementary School, Albuquerque., NM 8X100 ft.

Mary Ann Binford Elementary School, Albuquerque, NM 8X80 ft.


Mural commissions

Teen Project collaborative theater and murals, Santa Fe, NM,

Alvord Elementary School, Cafeteria Mural, Santa FeNM 4X200 ft.

Zia Elementary School, Albuquerque, NM 14X100 ft.

Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, interior mural on ecology, Edinburgh, Scotland. 8X24 FT


Mural  Commissions

Bluff View Elementary School , Farmington, NM  8 X24 ft.

Saint Vincent Hospital, an exterior relief mural, Santa Fe, NM 8X200 ft.     

Vanguard Printing Company, Albuquerque, NM 14X   200 ft.


Mural Commissions

Mesa Verde Elementary, plywood mosaic-bas relief, Farmington. NM  8X 32 ft.

Bloomfield Elementary, plywood mosaic-bas relief, Bloomfield, NM 8X 32 ft.

Saint Alice Catholic Church, plywood mosaic, Mountainair, NM 8X50 ft.

The Peoples Palace, bas relief, Glasgow, Scotland. 12 X 1000 ft.

The National Theatre London, bas relief, Glasgow Scotland, 25 X 125 ft.

Domaine Peraldi Vineyard, Ajaccio, Corsica, 24X50 ft.

Sculpture and Mural  Oban Distillery, Oban, Scotland 8X60 ft.

Sculpture  Carrickferrgus Castle, Belfast, Ireland          

1970 to 1989

Created over 100 public artworks in Europe, The Middle East  and America.  He has specialized in the collaborative technique involving thousands of people in his work.

In 1988  organized the first New Mexico Muralist Conference.

1983/1986 professional murals created for Domaine Peraldi Vinyards, Corsica, France.

In 1978/82 was first funded community  for THEATRE WORKSHOP EDINBURGH   and created the first rural Community Arts Project funded by the Scottish Arts Council, on the Isle of Arran.

 In 1977  created public art in Istanbul, Turkey, and Isfahan, Iran


Irene Oliver Lewis, Director, Court Youth Center, 402 West Court St. Las Cruces, 88005 NM

 tel. 505 541 0145                                                 email


Dr. Neil Cameron,  Arts Activist and Spectacle Organizer , 4 Miles Street, South Hobart, Tasmania 7004

Tel. 03-6223-6054  ,  0418-733-551                email              website


David Harding, Professor of Art,  Glasgow School of Art,  First Scottish Town Artist, 12A Crown Terrace, Glasgow, Scotland G12 9ES

Tel. 141 357 9471                                   email


Chrissie Orr, Muralist/ Arts Activist/Educator, 615 Cortez St. Santa Fe, NM 87501

tel. 505 699 7269                                              email